Carver Heights School Parent Involvement Policy

CHS Parent Involvement Policy

 Carver Heights’ faculty and staff will work as partners with parents to provide an excellent educational program for our students.

 We believe that children make significant progress when parents are actively involved in the learning process of their child.

 Therefore, it is our mission to establish an on-going partnership with parents that will be inviting, nurturing, and meaningful.

 We further believe that such a partnership will enrich the total school program and bring about a positive change in growth and achievement in our students.

 Carver Heights will establish and implement the following:

1.  The district’s Title I Director will be invited to speak at the school’s first PTA meeting to address the school’s Title I Program.  A follow-up letter will be sent to all parents.
2.  The county’s Student Accountability Agreement will be sent to all parents in our beginning of the year packets.
3.   Provide a Parent Resource Center for parents to check out materials, make materials, and learn how to use materials and to get ideas and information.
4.   Provide workshops and seminars on needs and specific interests of parents.  At least two of the workshops will be offered after 3 PM and/or on Saturdays.
5.   Provide Curriculum Nights for the parents.
6.   Include parents in the school volunteer program.
7.   Encourage parents to participate in the Advisory Council, PTA meetings, and to serve on the School Improvement Team.
8.   Encourage parents to be grade parents and field trip helpers.
9.   Provide a Computer Take Home Program.
10. Use one or more of the following to communicate with our parents.
    v Newsletter
          v Progress Report
          v Home visits
          v Parent-Teacher Conference
          v PTA Meeting
          v Parent Survey
          v Parent Workshops

 Carver Heights School will effectively communicate with parents and extent a hand of friendship and partnership.

 We know that if our school is to be successful, helpful parents, nurturing teachers and a supportive community must surround our students.  A team approach is the excellent way.

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