Help your student organize!!

Ways to Keep Your Child Organized

Use Checklist- Help your child get into the habit of keeping a “to do” list. Use the checklist to post assignments, chores, and reminders.

Organize Homework Assignments- Before beginning a homework session, encourage your child to number assignments in the order of which they should be done. Your child should start with something that is not too long or difficult, but avoid saving the hardest or longest assignment for last.

Designate a Study Space- Your child should study in the same place every night. This doesn’t have to be a bedroom, but it should be a quiet place with few distractions. All school supplies and materials should be nearby. If your child wants to study with you nearby too, you will be able to better monitor their progress and encourage good study habits.

Set a Designated Study Time- Your child should know that a certain time everyday is reserved for studying and doing homework. The best time is not usually right after school. Most children benefit from having some time to unwind first. Include your children in making this decision. Even if he or she doesn’t have assigned homework, the time should be spent reviewing practicing math facts or reading.

Keep an Organized Folder- Help your child keep track of papers that are sent home by organizing them into a labeled folder. This will allow your child to review the material and prepare for tests and quizzes

Conduct a Weekly Clean-Up- Encourage your child to sort through his or her backpack etc... on a weekly basis. Old worksheets and papers should be organized in a separate file at home

Check your child’s folders- Although not on purpose, children sometimes for get what is in their Take Home Folders. Please try to go through their backpacks and check to make sure they are writing down and completing all assignments. Check their assignments for accuracy. Checking on your child keeps them in check, so that they will be mindful that this is something you want them to do.

Prepare for the Day Ahead- Before your child goes to bed, he/she should pack schoolwork and books in a backpack. This will cut down on morning confusion and allow your child to prepare for the day ahead.
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